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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

AFB Twice Tracked UFO
May 24, 1964
White Sands, New Mexico

Fran Ridge:
May 24, 1964; White Sands / Holloman AFB, New Mexico
The Air Force confirmed that a radar unit at Holloman twice tracked UFOs in the area of White Sands, which lies west of Holloman. The spokesman, however, alluded to a natural phenomenon such as a dust storm, as the probable cause; however, it is considered unlikely that the fine particles present in a dust storm could have induced a radar return that resembled a solid object. (Jan Aldrich, BB files, The UFO Reporter, Summer, 1964)

Detailed reports and documents
docs/640524hollomanafb_docs.pdf (Jan Aldrich)

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