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Cisco Grove / Alien Encounter
September 4, 1964
Cisco Grove, California

Richard Hall:
Sept. 4, 1964; Cisco Grove, California
Donald Schrum, 28, and his friends were bow and arrow hunting in an isolated area of Placer County, and Schrum had become separated from his companions. At sunset he decided to sleep in a tree for the night. Later he saw a white light zigzagging at low altitude and, thinking it was a helicopter, jumped out of the tree and lit fires to attract its attention. The light turned toward him and stopped about 50-60 yards away. The object's strange appearance frightened Schrum, so he climbed back up in the tree.
After a while two humanoid beings and a robot-like creature approached the tree. From then on, Schrum was in a state of siege as the beings tried to dislodge him from the tree. At one point a white vapor emanated from the robot's mouth and Schrum blacked out, but woke up again nauseous and began lighting matches and throwing them down to frighten the beings away; they backed away. Finally he shot an arrow at the robot; when it hit there was an arc flash and the robot was knocked backwards. This was repeated two more times, and the humanoids scattered each time. A second robot now appeared and a vapor again rendered Schrum unconscious. When he awoke, he discovered that the two humanoids were climbing up the tree toward him, so he shook the tree and threw things down at them to ward them off. The same actions were repeated all night. Near dawn more beings approached and "large volumes of smoke" drifted up and he blacked out. He awoke hanging from his belt and the creatures were gone. Later, when reunited with his companions, Schrum found that one of the other hunters, who also had gotten lost and separated from their camp, had seen the UFO. (Source: Strange Effects From UFOs (NICAP 1969) page. 17)
Detailed reports and documents
docs/640904ciscogrove_drawings.pdf (Coast to Coast)
Report (The Hynek UFO Report, 1977, pages 210-212)
reports/640904ciscogrove_report.htm (Dan Wilson & Bill Schroeder) (You Tube) (You Tube/audio)

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