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Car Engine Fails After Object Lands
Dec. 21, 1964
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Brad Sparks:
Dec. 21, 1964; Harrisonburg, Viginia (BBU)
5 p.m. Mr. Burns and others in the area saw a huge cone-shaped object cross the road, hover at ground level in a field, car engine failed, object landed, then took off vertically. Radioactive area found at landing site (UFOE Section I; Vallée Magonia 628)

Dan Wilson:
Dec. 21, 1964; Harrisonburg, Virginia (BBU)
5:00 p.m. EST. Horace Burns, while driving his car on Route 250 a few miles east of Staunton, Va., observed a large object shaped like a beehive coming out of the sky north of the highway. As the object crossed the highway some 200 feet ahead of him, his car motor stopped dead and he guided the car to the side of the road. The object appeared to land in a meadow approximately 100 yards from the highway. The object was approximately 125 feet in diameter and 90 feet high. The object stayed there for approximately 60-90 seconds then suddenly rose straight up for several hundred feet and took off the north rather quickly. Nine days later the area was where the object had landed was tested with a Geiger counter and high readings of radioactivity were detected. (Cat 3 & Cat 10)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/641221harrisonburg_report.htm (Dan Wilson)
docs/641221APRO_may_jun_1965.pdf (Jean Waskiewicz)
waves/1965fullrep.htm (Fran Ridge)
reports/641221harrisonburg_report2.htm (Fran Ridge)
docs/NuclearChicagoModel2586_2612_radiation_meters.pdf (Martin Shough)

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