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Radar/Visual Over Pacific Ocean
Feb. 11, 1965
Bt. Anchorage, Alaska & Tachikawa Air Base, Japan

Richard Hall:
Feb. 11, 1965; Bt. Anchorage, Alaska & Tachikawa Air Base, Japan
Features: Aerial encounter, radar-visual sighting by Air Force officer and flight crew, aircraft pacing, rapid upward acceleration.
A Flying Tiger freighter aircraft (Flight F-169) en route from Anchorage, Alaska, to Tachikawa Air Base, Japan, encountered three apparently gigantic UFOs. About 4 hours out of Anchorage, a crew member stepped into the cabin and asked Capt. R.W. if he would like to see some UFOs. Capt. W., a rated navigator acting as a military courier, went into the cockpit and observed three targets on the radar indicated at 5 miles off the wing. Three glowing red oval objects were visible out the window in that position. The UFOs paced the aircraft for about 30 minutes, and when they departed "they climbed straight out at a high angle" tracked at 1200 knots ground speed. The pilot remarked that they often see UFOs on the Alaskan run. Capt. W. reconstructed the apparent size of the UFOs as 2-3 inches in diameter at arms length. At the 5-mile distance, this computes (conservatively) to be objects 1,000 feet in diameter. Even assuming an overestimation of apparent size and reducing the estimate to 1A inch at arms length, the UFOs would have been close to 200 feet in diameter. (Source: Interview report by Capt. D.M. in author's files).

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