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Landed Object And Entity Case / Hoax
March 2, 1965
Nr. Brooksville, Florida

Brad Sparks:
March 2, 1965; E of Weeki Wachee, near Brooksville, Florida (BBU)
1:55 p.m. John F. Reeves, 65, retired, while walking in the woods saw an bluish­green and reddish-purple object 20-30 ft in diameter, 6 ft thick, saucer-shaped with an outer rim and a stairway, with 2,  2-ft windows, on top, landed on the ground on 4 4-ft legs about 2,000 ft away. He approached to 100 ft. After watching it for 10 mins [?], he saw a robot-like being about 200-300 ft away, about 5 ft tall, wearing a gray-silver uniform, glass dome headgear, wide-spaced eyes, pointed chin, walking to 15 ft from Reeves, stared at him for 1-1/2 mins, pointing a box [?] or 6-7-inch black object at Reeves that emitted a flash 3 times, then walked back to the landed vehicle and climbed in. Object had Venetian-blind-like blades on the rim that opened and closed, rim started rotating counterclockwise, landing gear retracted, then it took off with a whooshing-rumbling sound and disappeared vertically in < 10 secs, dropping 2 sheets of paper with indecipherable writing, and leaving indentations and footprints in the ground. Investigated by MacDill AFB. (Vallée Magonia 638; etc.) [Note: Richard Hall supervised the investigation for NICAP and concluded that it was a hoax]

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