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Humanoids Near Elliptical Object With Legs On Ground
July 1, 1965
Valensole, France

Fran Ridge:
July 1, 1965; Valensole, France (BB)
5:00 a.m. (?) Elliptical object with legs observed on ground, two small humanoids pointed pencil-like device at witness, paralyzing him. Strong physical trace evidence at site (UFOE II, Section, XII). It appears to me that details of this incident grow as time progresses. The Aime Michel account is not very encouarging and the GEPA investigation begins going into much more detail than the first accounts. Investigations can do this but many important facts indicate the story changed too much. The object had 4 legs then 6. The object was a football shape, then a rugby ball with a dome. The second occupant was in the craft, then later the story changed to two occupants outside the craft. The occupant looked like an 8-year-old child, then had an enormous head. I would bet that the story, if true, has been stretched by a poor witness, or the entire thing may be a hoax. The only reason I posted this incident was because it was listed in the Blue Book files.

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reports/650701valensole_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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