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Rating: 3  


The Sherman, Texas, Photo Case
Aug. 2, 1965
Sherman, Texas

Fran Ridge:
Aug. 2, 1965; Sherman, Texas
3:00 a.m.  Broadcasting stations, police, and other agencies had been flooded with reports for hours. Shortly after midnight a local TV news photographer, Robert Campbell, heard on his radio two police highway patrols discuss reports of an UFO tracked on radar and streaking towards the Texas border. The photographer took his 4x5 Speed Graphic camera and drove into town, where he met the Chief of Police. Together the two men searched for the object, and soon sighted it hanging stationary thirteen miles east of Sherman, on Highway 82.  The object's shape was an object with "Mercury capsule" shape at one end, possibly rounded at other end. Several distinct bands around diameter of cylinder, with disc shaped "bosses" on surface. Bands of luminosity. An extrusion of luminosity from one band, and an ejection of an unknown material accompanied the object.  He took four exposures, two minutes each at three-minute intervals. The negatives have been carefully examined by Air Force scientific advisers and by astronomical experts. No acceptable explanation has been found for the object recorded on the negatives but there are many questions. The rating therefore must be considered as low, a "3", until more information can be found to upgrade this case, hopefully with the addition of the other three photos. The case also lacks an original investigation report by any official person or body.  BB listing doesn't mention case. *

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