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Lucci Photos
Aug. 8, 1965
Beaver, Pennsylvania

Fran Ridge:
Aug. 8, 1965; Beaver, Pennsylvania
11;30 p.m. Allegedly a luminous UFO was photographed by James Lucci. According to estimations by witnesses, the diameter of the UFO was around 13 meters. Lucci, 17, was photographing the full moon with his brother, John, 23. According to them a shining object appeared from behind a hill. James managed to take two shots before the flying object left. His friends encouraged him to send the photos to the Beaver County Times, where they were analyzed and declared authentic. On the image above, the moon can be seen at left. The analyses by UFO researchers wasn't so generous.

Detailed reports and documents
docs/650808beaver_photos.pdf [photos] (Various)

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