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A Hynek Classification of Close Encounter is usually an incident involving an object less than 500 feet from the witness.  The size of the object,  viewing conditions, or stereoscopic vision (depth perception)  may render the object in greater detail and still qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter even though the object may have been beyond 500'.  The incident depicted in the logo was encountered during an intense storm near Princeton, IN,  Aug. 1973.

Dark Grey Disc Shadows Police Car
Sept. 3, 1965
Damon, Texas

Released Nov. 15, 2012; updated: Dec. 1, 2012
Brad Sparks:

Sept. 3, 1965. Damon, Texas
11 p.m. Brazoria County Chief Sheriff's Deputies Billy McCoy and Robert Goode saw a triangular object, 150-200 ft long, 40-50 ft thick at middle and dark grey, with a long, bright, pulsing, purple [violet?] light on the right side and a long blue light on the left side, approach to 150 ft off highway and 100 ft in the air. Purple light illuminated ground beneath object and interior of police car, and object cast a shadow in moonlight. Driver Goode felt heat on his left arm and an alligator bite on his left index finger, suddenly relieved of pain and later healed rapidly but unnaturally. They drove away in fear but returned later that night to find object still there. (Berliner; cf. Vallée Magonia 694)

Fran Ridge:
Another case that illustrates the value and need for a chronological database for all sightings of all categories. This occurred on the same day as the Exeter, NH incident and is listed as a Project Blue Book Unknown, #9915. We released this report in November (2012) and right after that Dan Wilson located 46 documents! *

Detailed reports and documents
reports/650903damon_rep.htm (FUFOR)
reports/650903damon_report2.htm (Dan Wilson) *

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