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The St. George Multiple-Witness Photo Case
Oct. 21, 1965
St. George, Minnesota

Fran Ridge:
Oct. 21, 1965; St. George, Minnesota (BB)
6:10 p.m.  Mr Arthur Strauch, 47, Deputy Sheriff of Sibley County, Minnesota, in the company of his wife, Mrs Katherine Strauch (44), housewife; Gary Martin Strauch (16), high school student and son of Mr. and Mrs. Strauch; Donald Martin Grewe (26), a technician, and his wife, Mrs Retha Ann Grewe (25), a registered nurse, were in the Strauch family car, returning to their homes in Gibbon, Minnessota from a bow-hunting trip. Arthur Strauch was the first to spot a strange object which seemed to be 2000 feet above the ground and a quarter of a mile distant, in the direction of the northwest. After watching for about ten minutes from the car, the group drove down the road about a half-mile and stopped. Mr. Strauch observed it both with the naked eye and through 7x35 binoculars, therefore his description was the most detailed. (see detailed report linked below). At first they heard no sound, but then as the object flew over them, Grewe described the sound as a "whistling whine." Strauch, from out of the car, snapped a photograph just as the object began to move. The object then moved into the wind for what appeared to be several hundred feet and then stopped for a few seconds, at which time its lights changed from a bright white to a dull orange, alternating several times. It then moved toward the southeast at a high rate of speed and disappeared out of sight.

Mike Swords:
(enclosed) is the only "document" I have in my file --- wish it was clearer but maybe it will pass. (1) It IS apparently a significant one at least. Strauch's case was covered by APRO in their bulletin [Nov/Dec 1965, pp. 1&3; "Deputy snaps UAO color photo"]. (2) Frank Salisbury also used the Strauch case in his article: "The Scientist and the UFO". It is only a paragraph long, but shows that Salisbury thought that the case was solid. This was also contributed by Salisbury to the House Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects, July 29, 1968. The last thing that I have is an article by Hayden Hewes reviewing the case in SAGA UFO Report, March 1978, pp. 36-39. In that article Hewes says that this was worked on by Spaulding at Ground Saucer Watch. I have about 18 GSWs it seems, but the only thing that I found was a 1976 listing which stated that they had analyzed this photo --- no comment appended to anything in the list. But this would seem to indicate that a GSW report on this should be "out there" somewhere, and some A-team member might know of it.

Detailed reports and documents

articles/651021st.george_apro.pdf [APRO] (Mike Swords) (2)
reports/651021st.george_report.htm (ufologie/patrick gross)
reports/651021st.george_report2.htm [docs] (Dan Wilson)
docs/651021st.george_strauchdoc.pdf (Mike Swords) (1)

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