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Two UFOs Pace Canadian Airliner, Emit Light Beams
December 30. 1966
Nr. Peruvian Coast

Richard Hall:
At 3:00 a.m. local time over the coast of Peru, on December 30, 1966, a Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-8 was at 35,000 feet (11 km) on a northwest course. Capt. Robert Millbank and five flight crew members observed a pair of objects that paced the plane for 7 minutes. The sky was clear with stars visible. The sighting was reported to the Volunteer Flight Officer Network and in the news media. The phenomenon, appearing initially as a pair of high luminosity lights separated by about 3-4 degrees, was first spotted 70 degrees to the left of their flight path at an estimated elevation angle of about 10 degrees. 

Some of the crew members reported vaguely perceiving a connecting structure between the two lights. The lights hovered for about a minute, pulsating, then moved down toward the plane and assumed a position off the left wing for another minute or two. As it paced the airliner, the object emitted a V-shaped pair of thin light beams upwards, then later downwards. Finally it accelerated, pulled away, and climbed rapidly out over the Pacific to the west and disappeared in the distance.

Capt. Millbank stated, "In 26 years of flying I have never seen anything like this before." Second Officer J.D. Dahl said, "In my opinion, the only answer to this sighting is a craft with speed and controllability unknown to us."11

Source: Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty-Year Report, Richard Hall, (2001), page 129

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