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Cigar Flies Low Over Car / E-M
March 4, 1968
Medina, New York

Fran Ridge:
March 4 (3rd ?), 1968; near Medina, New York
6:15 a.m. Nick Sgouris, while driving to work observed a luminous cigar-shaped object about 20 meters long, flying low over his car. Witness was briefly paralyzed. He noted that at one point his car came to an almost complete stop although he had his foot on the accelerator. (Reference: Passport to Magonia, by Jaques Vallee, page 356, gives date as March 3, 1968, and The UFO Evidence, Volume II, by Richard Hall, page 274, gives date as March 4, 1968.)

Dan Wilson:
March 4, 1968, Medina, New York, about 35 miles northwest of Syracuse, two F-100 Super Sabre jets collided in midair the plunged into a cloud cover and vanished over Lake Ontario. Some aircraft parts were found but the rest of the planes or the pilots were never found. (Reference: New York Times, March 5, 1968, page 82, and Niagara Falls Gazette, March 4, 1968 page 1, and later editions of the Gazette.)
Detailed reports and documents
reports/680304syracuse_report.htm (Dan Wilson)
docs/680304GE Employe Sees UFO [pdf] (Newspaper)

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