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Glowing Disc Startles Veteran Brazilian Airline Pilot
between Belo Horizonte and Uberaba, Brazil
Aug. 9, 1971

Richard Hall:
Capt. Vicente Lopes Buono, commanding an airline flight (call letters PP-DHU) between Belo Horizonte and Uberaba, Brazil, on August 9, 1971, at 9:00 a.m., reported that his plane was paced for 20 minutes at 2,400 meters (7,920 feet) altitude by a glowing orange disc ("like two round basins, one on top of the other") over mountainous terrain. Sgt. Falcao, flight controller at Uberaba airport, suggested that he investigate the object. When the pilot tried to move closer, the object maintained a constant distance, then suddenly increased its speed and disappeared.

The sighting occurred between the cities of Pratinha and Sacramento in the Minas Gerais region. Lopes Buono, a pilot for 24 years, said "I never saw anything like it in my entire career as a pilot." He gave a statement to Sgt. Silvio Motta, commander of the Brazilian Air Force unit in Uberaba.14

Source: Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty-Year Report, Richard Hall, (2001), page 131 

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