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Coyne Helicopter, E-M / Magnetic Compass Encounter
October 18, 1973
Mansfield, Ohio

Jennie Zeidman:
October 18, 1973; Mansfield, Ohio
11:05 p.m. Army Reserve helicopter encountered domed, craft-like object that beamed green light into cockpit, lifted helicopter off course (UFOE II). The Army helicopter 68-15444 was returning from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio, and southeast of Mansfield Airport, Ohio while flying at an altitude of 2500 feet and on a heading of 030 degrees, SSG Yanacsek observed a red light on the east horizon, 90 degrees to the flight path of the helicopter. Approximately 30 seconds later, SSG Yanacsek indicated the object was converging on the helicopter at the same altitude at an airspeed in excess of 600 knots and on a midair collision heading. Captain Coyne observed the converging object, took over the controls of the aircraft and initiated a power descent from 2500 feet to 1700 feet to avoid impact with the object. A radio call was initiated to Mansfield Tower who acknowledged the helicopter and was asked by Capt. Coyne if there were any high performance aircraft flying in the vicinity of Mansfield Airport, however there was no response received from the tower. The crew expected impact from the object; instead the object was observed to hesitate momentarily over the helicopter and then slowly continued on a westerly course accelerating at a high rate of speed, clear west of Mansfield Airport then turn 45 degrees heading to the Northwest. Capt. Coyne indicated the altimeter read a 100 fpm (feet per minute) climb and read 3500 feet with the collective in the full down position. The aircraft was returned to 2500 feet by Capt. Coyne and flown back to Cleveland, Ohio. The flight plan was closed and the FAA Flight Service Station notified of the incident. The radio returned to normal 10 minutes after the incident, having gone completely dead on both UHF and VHF frequencies just after Coyne had established contact with Mansfield control tower. Some witnesses on the ground reported seeing the helicopter as well as and object "like a blimp" and "as big as a school bus" hovering above the helicopter. When the UFO's green light appeared it was described by the witnesses as "like rays coming down and the helicopter, the trees, the road and everything turned green."  Capt Coyne : "From a speed of 600 mph, it abruptly slowed down to our exact speed of 100 mph and hovered above us." Co-pilot Jezzi: "The object was cigar-shaped, metallic grey, with a dome on top." Staff Sergeant Healey : "It was about 60 feet long, without any portholes or intake openings that we could see. At first it was just showing a red light in nose. Then a green spotlight at the back swept around and shone into our cabin." (Sources: Zeidman, NARCAP Case 36)

Fran Ridge:
Reviewing his instruments, Coyne noticed that the magnetic compass was rotating slowly, while the Radio Magnetic Indicator was functioning normally. He descended to the previously assigned cruise altitude of 2,500 feet and made radio contact with the Akron/Canton air traffic controllers. (Richard Hall)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/731018mansfield_report.htm (Jennie Zeidman)
docs/coynefoiadoc1.jpg (Jennie Zeidman)
reports/731018mansfield_foia.htm (CUFON)

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