Form: 97 Email
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 06:16:09 -0500
From: Mike Swords
Subject: June 24, 1974; St. Cyrille, Quebec CE III
Cat: 7

1:15 AM. A gentleman was up late when a "Bumm..Bumm..Bumm.." sound occurred, as if something very heavy had fallen onto the ground. He looked out the living room window and saw a UFO hovering low over a near field. It was a disk with a red domed area, an orangish lower area punctuated by oval "windows" from which came white light. Some other light source was apparently coming from the bottom, as beams of yellow light radiated down to the ground. On the very top sat a small round dome, almost a ball, from which came two beams, one red, one white. This was enough for the witness, who hurried to the bedroom to wake his wife. She then witnessed the same object. But this was not all. Shortly, there was a "buzzing" coming from outside. Out of the bedroom window you could see a form of some kind of... it was difficult to say what it was. The "thing", only about 15 feet away, was more like a robot than anything else. It was about 6 feet tall, but YOU COULDN'T SEE ANY PART OF ITS HEAD. It moved stiffly, whereupon it gets its label of "robot", and had a metallic sheen. Other than the lack of a seeable head, its most striking feature was a set of horizontal bright glowing red stripes crossing its "chest". It appeared to be "inspecting" the family's storage shed. The two witnesses went to the living room and, from that vantage point, saw 14 more entities. They seemed to be nosing around [if they had any noses] whatever objects they could find associated with the family's second trailer, further out in the yard. The wife then panicked and went back to bed. The "robots" at one time assembled in a straight line, and just stood still for 5 minutes. This added to the impression that they were machines. Though frightened, the husband continued to take occasional looks outside. At 4:20am he looked and they were no longer there [nor was the craft]. Several other things should be mentioned: a). a dog down the street pulled out of its collar that night and was found hiding the next day; b). no objects in the storage shed nor around the second trailer were missing nor even disturbed; c). a woman in the neighborhood saw what she reported to be "creatures", but was not believed by the police, and her name seems not to even have been retained; d). possible "landing traces" were found. Either the following day or very soon, local news people inspected the area, and, some distance from the house, at approximately the position that the UFO was seen, was found the first of three traces in the grass. The other two were nearby, but not in the direct line of sight of the witnesses. The descriptions of the traces differ slightly among the various references describing the case. The following is my [Michael Swords] best reading of this: Shapes of the traces seem to be oval, circa 17 feet by 11 feet. These shapes are not flattened ground marks, but rather annular rings which are flattened, and standing grass inside. The width of the annular rings was 2 feet. The grass in the rings was "swirled down", "pressed", or "crushed", depending on the resource read. Universally though, the grass was not burnt. Two references [including, to my faulty reading, the French] say that there were three "penetrations" as if by landing pods in the inner [normal] grass areas of each site. Supposedly, a return to the traces was made after two months and several grass cuttings, and the trace was still in evidence as the grass of the depressed area was growing at a significantly higher rate. Also, as often happens in UFOlogy, to our shame, some undescribed odd substance was found where the robots had been messing about, had been turned over to both MUFON and APRO, and then never reported back to the community. Apparently we have never been educated to the true nature of Science, which reports ALL results, at least when its properly done. Still, this is a multiwitnessed case of very high strangeness and deserves to be remembered in the lists of difficult-to-explain encounters. (Mike Swords. Sources: Marc Leduc, "Un Atterissage et des Humanoides a Drummondville", UFO-QUEBEC,vol.1 [1], 1975; and Yurko Bondarchuk, UFO Canada, 1979; and "Robot occupants reported", MUFON Journal, November 1974; and "Robots in Quebec, Canada", APRO Bulletin vol 23 [3], November/December 1974; and "UFO Canada_April 1979", UFO Encounter, #82, August/September 1979).