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AVCAT is a special project being conducted by NICAP, with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of AIRCAT, Dr. Richard Haines, and other sources, to create a comprehensive listing of sightings from aircraft with detailed documentation from these sources, including Projects SIGN, GRUDGE & BLUE BOOK.

Shiny Triangular Object Encountered By Two Jets
June 11, 1975
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

4:00 p.m. EST
Duration  ??
aircraft T-33 & DC-8
Military & Commercial
observers ?
No radar contact

Dan Wilson:
June 11, 1975; Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
4:00 p.m. A large shiny triangular object was observed over Quebec City at an estimated altitude above 40,000 feet. Observers were a T-33 at 29,000 feet and a DC-8 at 31,000 feet and personnel of Quebec Terminal. The object moving very slowly to the NNW was observed on the Monteal/Quebec radar. There was no radar contact on the 22nd NORAD Region radars due to outages. (National Research Council of Canada Record Group 77, Vol. 308, reel number 1742 N75/071)

Martin Shough:
<>This sounds like another of those big "tetrahedral" balloons.

Detailed reports and documents
docs/750611quebec_docs.pdf (Dan Wilson)

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