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Rectangular Object Hovers 200' Over Trailer
Feb. 7, 1976
Farmersville, Indiana

Fran Ridge:
Feb. 7, 1976; 1 mi. N. of Mt. Vernon at Farmersville, Indiana
5:15 a.m. A middle-aged couple in a mobile home were awakened by their dog barking. The man looked out the window and then went out on the porch. The sky was clear. He had gone out mediately to check on this and some equipment, a backhoe, dump truck, 4-wheel drive, etc., and "saw the glow from the object. The whole area was lit up "like a dusk to dawn light that wasn't supposed to be there."  He was at the back of the trailer looking south at the object, which was less than 200' off the ground and 500-600 yards distant at first. It was stationary in the beginning, then moved slowly east, climbing gradually. The object headed further east toward a point south of his son's trailer, which was about 500-600 yards from his trailer, across the field and a gulley. The object was actually long, somewhat rectangular-shaped with blunt ends and flat on the bottom, with a strong yellow-greenish beam of light that they could actually see moving very slowly across field. "I could see the ground out there, the grass, the weeds...clear as a bird...good'n daylight (like)."....a little later just south of his son's trailer was a round object. It was a darker green than the rectangular thing and looked like it was right in the fence-row. This one looked like it might have been 8 or 10 feet in diameter and on, or very near, the ground. It changed color from pale green to bright blue and back to to pale green. When the larger rectangular object got over in the area of the trailer and a little south, the smaller sphere moved up to the bottom of the big object and "went out like a light." The single remaining object departed slowly to the East.  The big one was moving very slow. Duration: 20 mins. No sound. (Investigated by Fran Ridge & Greg Ward)

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