June 12, 1977; Crystal Lake, IL
Night? The sole witness was attending a meeting at a hotel, and at some point went outside into the street. Whether he wandered off a bit or not is not recorded. Somewhere along the street, he spotted an "entity" lying on the ground apparently in trouble. Emerging from the nearby alley were three more similar entities, who proceeded to retrieve their companion and retreat back into the alley from whence they came. All through the experience, an "abnormal" silence enveloped the area, no one else, nor no traffic was present, and he seemed to experience what veteran UFO researchers call the "OZ effect". A quote from a letter by Ted Bloecher discussing the case with CUFOS field worker Robert Runser: "He mentioned that strange recurring silence 'like a vacuum' that turns up over and over, and that he was unable to hear traffic noises on the street". There was no observation of a UFO in this case. The entities were described as 4-foot tall, slight build, largish head, large eyes--no skin color mentioned. The beings were wearing a cover-all type garment, colored dark green metallic that shimmered. A silver ring connected this garment at the neck to a clear see-through helmet, like a bubble. Their heads were not round but more like an almond and the shape of the helmet reflected this. CUFOS' Douwe Bosga seems to have been primary field investigator, and therefore there may be a fuller case file at the Center. Ted Bloecher felt the case had high significance, due to the pattern of the OZ effect, of which he was one of the earliest UFOlogists to take notice. Note also that Ted wondered if the witness had "missing time" even at this early date. There is no note, however, if a follow-up was done. (Submitted by Mike Swords. Sources: Ted Bloecher: 1978 MUFON Symposium Proceedings; and Bloecher to Robert Runser [letter], August 10, 1978).