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Alien Being Allegedly Shot Dead By MPs
Jan. 18, 1978
Fort Dix, New Jersey

Fran Ridge:
Jan. 18, 1978; McGuire AFB, Fort Dix, New Jersey
Noted researcher, Leonard Stringfield, presented his paper on the Fort Dix/McGuire incident at the 1985 MUFON Symposium. The September issue of the CAUS Washington Report stated: "Breakthrough on the Dix-McGuire UFO Connection. Thanks to the conscience pangs of one of the principals involved, we now have a document confirming some of the events surrounding the slaying of a UFO occupant back in Jan. 1978 near Fort Dix/McGuire AFB, N.J." However, the document could not be verified as genuine and is now considered a hoax..

Richard Hall: 
The story came from an Air Policeman whom I have come to know very well, via Len Stringfield. Len and I worked together on the investigation. 

Barry Greenwood:
As I recall this story years ago, the government documents couldn't be substantiated as real. This was the era when a lot of government document fakes were circulating. I have a folder full of them

DDetailed reports and documents
A Briefing - Alien Being Shot Dead By MPs (Richard Hall)
Re-Investigation Activity Log (Fran Ridge)
docs/fortdix/780118fordix_docs.pdf (all docs in one pdf)
Current folder on Fort Dix Incident (not including web pages)
Dix-McGuire: The Smoking Gun Has Emerged [Sept 1985] (CAUS)
Fatal Encounter At Fort Dix-McGuire AFB: A Case Study, Status Report IV [Summer 1985] (Leonard Stringfield)
Running Code: The Night The Alien Died (Richard Hall)
Case Update: (Leonard Stringfield/Richard Hall, MUJ-230)

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