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Ship Tracks Submerged Object / Boat Observes Light
Nov. 8, 1978
San Benedetto del Tronto

Fran Ridge:
Not a good case, but presented for-the-record, this incident rates only a "3".

Carl Feindt:
Nov. 8, 1978; San Benedetto del Tronto
5:30 p.m. While fishing on board of the “Exodus”, three fishermen (Flaviano Mattiucci, Gennaro Mattiucci and Dino Focaracci) saw, at low altitude and for a few seconds, a red and yellow spherical light. After emerging from the sea it seemed to return into it, after rising and falling from the sky. About one hour later, the radar of another fishing boat, the “Andrea Padre”, reported a moving submerged object, which appeared to follow the vessel.

Detailed reports and documents
reports/781108del_Tronto_rep.htm (Carl Feindt)

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