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  Category 6, Physical Traces 

Rating: 5  


A special Hynek Classification of Close Encounter where trace effects are reported.  An incident involving an object usually less than 500 feet from the witness with physical evidence.  

Taylor Incident
November 9, 1979
Livingston, Scotland

Lara Eliott:
November 9, 1979; Livingston, Scotland
10:30 a.m. Robert Taylor, a 61 year old forestry worker, was out one night working in the Dechmont Woods in Livingston. Taylor and his dog were out in the woods on duty when he spotted a UFO hovering completely motionless and silent above the ground. Described as approximately 20 ft across and 12 ft high, the strange object was made of what he described to be a "dark grey metallic material". Taylor thought the UFO was possibly going transparent from time to time which he believed was as if to disguise itself. There was also a said to have been a ring of some kind around the craft with stems pointing upwards topped off with propellors. Two more small spheres were seen coming from the craft which made a sound as their spikes moved across the ground. Taylor then says to have been grabbed by these two smaller objects and dragged back to the UFO. He said that as this was happening he could smell a strong, sickening odor. Soon after this he lost consciousness and was woken up by his dog which was described as "panicky" and "running around and barking". Taylor was said to have lost consciousness for about twenty minutes. After waking up, he heard a kind of hissing sound and realized that the craft was beginning to leave. Merely seconds later the UFO disappeared. Taylor was unable to walk or even talk properly after these events. He suffered from a headache, sickness and pain in his chin for some hours after this incident. Authorities were appointed to investigate the site where this happened and tracks of where Taylor had described the smaller spheres were found, confirming those described by him.

Mike Swords:
Taylor was forced towards a craft by robot-like machines, lost consciousness, and remembered nothing of an assumed on-board experience --- seeing no "entities" during his conscious time. I consider this not as a CE4 but as a CE2 trace case --- as traces there were in abundance.

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