Form: 97 Initial Report
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 07:27:32 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Strange A/C or UFO?; December 2, 1979; Mt. Vernon, IN
Cat: 2

Was this next one a mystery aircraft or a UFO? It happened on December 2nd. If anybody would have told me about it, I would have been nice about it, investigated it, then walked away and found a place to privately shake my head. I mean, these things are not supposed to happen. But this time it happened, not only to me, but my wife was a witness, and four others saw it. And one of the four was one of my field investigators.

It was about time to head for home from a hard day's work on December 2, and it was very dark at 5:00 PM. But right before quitting time I got a call from Byron Koenig, a good friend of mine who was one of my FI's. He was the manager of the store down the way in our shopping center. There was something in the sky that he couldn't identify.

Five minutes before five o'clock my wife and I went out to get a look at the object and thought, after identifying it, we would get in the car and just go home. But it didn't work out that way. The bright light in the northwest was NOT a star or planet. It was too bright, and it was moving! We all watched, all six of us as this object approached, very slowly descending. An aircraft must .fly fast enough to stay in the air, or it will simply stall out. This thing was not an aircraft, we all insisted. Then we saw a pair of headlights. What we thought had happened was the "jet" had been further away than we thought and had on its 200,000 candlepower headlights. Then, when it got close enough we could actually separate or resolve the two headlights. The object still crept toward us. Something about this whole thing was just not right. After 15 long minutes, far too long for this to have been any type of jumbo jet or conventional airplane, the object broke into our neighborhood. It was still descending all the time as if WE had a landing field at Mt. Vernon. The airport is 25 miles to the northeast at Evansville. Was this airplane lost? Was it going to land or crash on the highway? Ten minutes after 5 o'clock, after a total of a quarter-hour the object was now "on the deck", a few hundred feet above the ground, looking like it was following Highway 62. When it flew by us on our left, heading east, it was a shape and a blur of lights. And a sound so similar to a jet you wouldn't believe it was anything else. We had been fooled by a jet? Or had we? At the time, we joked about it. We under-reacted to this event simply forgetting how long it took for this thing to get here, etc.

Very important note. If you been to an airport you know how loud any aircraft is (prop or jet) when landing. Of course they are much louder on take-off, but this a/c (if that's what it was) was only about a hundred feet up and leass than 500' away, descending and heading East over hwy 62. It had a sound, but not any louder than an 18-wheeler on that highway.

When I got home I contacted the control tower and asked them if there was a National Guard transport or anything that was lost or flying low over us, etc. They knew nothing about this flight! Whatever it was, it was not under thecontrol of the FAA. And that wasn't the last of it. On the 13th it happened again.