Form: 97 Initial Report
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 07:04:52 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Mystery Aircraft Seen By Others, Dec. 2, 1979; Mt. Vernon, IN to Marrs, IN
Cat: 2

On the 13th of Dec., I got a call from a gentleman near Marrs Township, about 8 miles down the highway from Mt. Vernon, IN. At about 5:00 PM on the 2nd, the same night we saw the wierd "jet", he had seen what he thought was a jet with a fire on the right engine. At the same time, a lady from New Harmony had seen it, also.

A friend of mine, a lady who worked at the Index store down from miy store, hadn't seen it, but her son had. And he drew a picture of it. (Exhibit 1F below). He doesn't know what the time was, exactly, but the detail he observed and his ability to draw it makes us wonder what in the world (or off of it) flew over that evening. And it made no sound when he saw it. (Ref. 10)

Exhibit 1F