Form: UFO Report
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 07:47:41 -0500

From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject:  Fordland, MO Craft; May 3, 1992
Cat: CE-II
Distribution: CE,SHG

On June 4th, the editor and his thirteen-year-old son Travis made a trip to Seymour and Fordland. At the Citizen office they visited with Gary and Helen Sosniecki, owners of the newspaper. The couple was very cooperative, explaining what steps they had taken in trying to locate the possible sources of a low-flying nocturnal helicopter (all of which had drawn a blank). While it was obvious that this explanation was easier for them to accept than UFOs would be, both were open-minded and willing to consider all of the available evidence before considering the matter completely closed.

Helen called the Bogg's house before we left the newspaper office and made arrangements for us to meet Harriet at a restaurant in Fordland. We found her to be one of those people you feel comfortable with immediately. She told us it was her teenaged son who had spotted the object first-hand invited us out to the house so both witnesses could be interviewed together.(Harriet's daughter also saw the object, but she seemed reluctant to talk to strangers and we didn't push her.)

When we arrived at the isolated farmhouse which the Boggs family calls home, we met Harriet's fourteen-year-old son Robbie, and began piecing together just what had occurred on the night of May 3, 1992.

Robbie was the first one to notice anything unusual. Just before -midnight he detected a sound which reminded him of a helicopter passing by some distance away, when it continued unchanged for several minutes, not seeming to get any closer or farther away, he decided to step outside and take a look. It is doubtful that he will ever forget the sight that greeted him.

A line of bright lights hung over a slight rise in the pasture less than a hundred yards from the house and about ten feet above the ground. Both ends of the line appeared to curve away, giving the impression that the lights were attached to an oval structure of some sort, the lights were square, and Robbie compared their size and brightness to automobile headlights seen from the same distance. He could see more than a dozen of the lights, and assumed that they continued on around an object hidden behind their glare. The lights changed color in a regular pattern from left to right, first being red, then green, then yellow.

After staring at this spectacle only a few seconds, Robbie ran back into the house to get his mother and sister to see it. When they came back out the door, the UFO was now passing directly over their heads, no more than twenty-five feet above them. They could see the lights all the way around it now, forming an oval about eight feet wide and twenty feet long, but the object itself was nearly invisible. They could tell something was there, but the surface was a very dull black and did not appear to reflect any light at all.

The object flew over the trio of stunned witnesses" so low you could have stood on the porch roof and reached up and touched it." Its speed was extremely slow, compared by Harriet to a person walking." The sound was still obvious, but "not obnoxiously loud." It was recalled by the witnesses that conversation could be held in a normal voice, without having to raise it to be heard. They also mentioned something which cast even more doubt upon the helicopter explanation, at least in the case of their sighting; there was no wind. Anyone who has ever been under a chopper this low will tell you just how noticeable the downdraft would be.

The UFO moved on away from the house, passing between two trees with only a few feet to spare. Again, the trees were undisturbed by the proximity of the object. A pole light on the far side of the driveway went out as it approached, the photoelectric switch apparently triggered by the brightness of the object's lights. The object was just beyond this yard light when all of its own colored lights went dark to be replaced by a single white light shining from the rear. At this same moment the sound which had been coming from the UFO ceased.

Amazingly, the family did not remain outside to watch the object depart. They express surprise themselves at the fact that when the colored lights went out they recall only turning away and going back into the house. This unusual aspect of the sighting is still under investigation.

It is obvious that the object seen by the Boggs family that memorable Sunday night was not a conventional helicopter. It doesn't sound much like an experimental model, either, and it is highly unlikely that such a device would be tested at rooftop height over a house.

The object remains, at least in our files, unidentified. investigation continues into other similar sightings in the same general area, and more unexplainable incidents are almost sure to result.

Source: AUN (Amateur UFOlogy News), 4,9