Form: UFO Report
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 19:31:56 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Daylight Disc Seen Over Gladstone, Missouri, May 14, 1992
Cat: DD

Source: AUN-7,7

Despite several incidents of that nature over the years, daylight UFO sightings over metropolitan areas are still a comparative rarity. Calvin Traynor added one more to the list with his observation of a disk-shaped object on the afternoon of May 14, 1992. The UFO flew over the suburban community of gladstone, Missouri, only a few miles from downtown Kansas City.

Calvin was on his lunch break and estimates the sighting occurred at approximately ten minutes past noon, although he did not look at his watch at the time. He was just getting out of his car at a fast food restaurant when he noticed two teenaged boys on the lot staring up into the sky. His curiosity aroused, he took a look for himself. What he saw was probably the last thing he expected. He gave a colorful account to a member of our staff over the telephone.

"I know you UFO people sort of frown on that name these days," Calvin began, "but the best way I know to tell you what I saw is it was a flying saucer. That's exactly what it looked like, a big shiny saucer flying upside down across the sky. It wasn't any higher than a Piper Cub going over and I could see it just as plain. 'Bout the same size and speed, too, only if it would have been one I could have given you the numbers so you could find out who it belonged to. It didn't do anything fancy, it just flew over and kept on going till it was out of sight."

Calvin was asked to elaborate a bit on his description of the object. "Well, the top part was kind of rounded up, but not very high. The bottorn was. just plain flat. The whole thing was like a chrome piece on a real clean car, nice and shiny. But there was a round spot right in the middle of the bottom that looked different. The whole bottom wasn't as shiny as the top, 'cause, well, it was the bottom. You know, the sun wasn't shining on it like it was on the top, and that was what was making it so shiny. But this spot — it looked kind of like a dimple, you know, like it was in even more shadow."

The witness reported hearing no sound coming from the UFO, but noted that it could possibly have been masked by the din of traffic. As he put it, "I've heard people say that these things kind of buzz or hum, and it could've been doing something like that and me not hear it for the cars going by. But if It would've been as lous as a plane, I know I would have heard it."

Calvin also expressed real surprise that we were unaware of the sighting prior to his call. A friend, who is an AUN subscriber, had given him our telephone number and urged him to contact us after learning of his experience. But his purpose in calling, in his words, was "'Cause I thought maybe I might've noticed something or remembered something that somebody else didn't/ but I sure didn't think I'd be the only one to call anybody. I know those two boys saw it, they were looking up at  it was what made me look up. There's got to be others — hell, it was lunch hour in the city and the thing was right up there flying ever, real plain. I bet a bunch of people saw it."

Calvin's reasoning seemed sound, and several different possible recipients of any additional reports were checked with. These included the appropriate police and sheriff's departments, newspapers, and radio and television stations. None of them had any knowledge of a UFO sighting on that day anywhere in the Kansas City area.

A hoax in this case seems extremely unlikely. Calvin did not report his observation to anyone until a friend insisted he do so, and then he told us his story in a simple, straightforward manner. Nor would it be easy to dismiss an object described so well and obviously seen so clearly as a misidentified aircraft or balloon. The most plausible explanation remains that he saw an unidentified flying object — or a flying saucer, if that is more to his liking.