Form: UFO Report
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 19:39:02 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Observation of a Strange Aircraft Over Mt. Vernon, IN, June 29, 1992
Cat: DD by default

My book, Regional encounters: The FC Files, did not include any sightings after the end of 1991. This incident occurred at a T-ball game and many of the people there sitting in the bleachers had to have observed this. I was sitting near a neighbor lady at the time and i know SHE saw it because I pointed it out to her. "Boy, that's a strange-looking aircraft, isn't it?"  To this day I do not know what happened that day or why I didn't investigate it and document it further because I have no explanation for the vision that unfolded that warm evening of June 29, 1992.

Because this wasn't (I thought at the time) a UFO, I paid little attention to doing more than later filling out an FI-4, which is Notice of Preliminary Report. I did that in order to conserve the date, time, and location in case somebody else reported this or I might need to reference it for some reason.

What I'm going to describe to you is something that baffled me then, and even now. I'm reporting here for the first time something that I now believe was a paranormal event of some type, possibly meant for me. I'm not even sure if the neighbor lady saw what I saw. She may have wondered what the heck I was referring to and I may have assumed she and others had to have seen it too. The "aircraft" was so big and covering such a large section of the sky there is no way anybody would have missed it had they simply glanced at it, and it was large enough to cathch my eye and I was looking south during the game. I'm thinking now that somebody else might have exclaimed about it, but I'm not sure. The strange thing about this is I placed so little significance to this at the time yet knowing something was nor really right with this.

It was 8:19 PM on this summer night and still plenty of daylight. I can describe this scene only because I had the sense to draw a sketch on the FI-4 when I got home.

The whole event was not really brief, but lasted a good full minute. The object was traveling north to south and made a sweep to the southest when I lost it. I have provided the sketch but the object was moderately low, probably no higher than a Cessna and certainly not as high as ajumbo jet I had trcaked for many years in our local skywatches. The object was white and very long and thin, covering what now seems to be an unusually long segment of the blue sky. It made no sound, but of course was baseball game. But I guarantee you, had this been a jet, that low, it would have rocked that crowd that evening.  It had very long and thin swept-backed wings that were located 2/3rds the way back on the skinny white fuselage, with very small horizontal stabilizers on the rear. But what I'll never forget, is the small (but larger than the rear stabilizers) wings near the tip of this strange aircraft that I never saw again in the ensuing 16 years since that date. It was almost as if a large aircraft was "pushing" a smaller one in a two-stage rocketplane fashion. Was this a balloon of some type? No. This was covering too much sky. Besides that, it turned and headed southeast. was it a jet of any kind? Nothing like this has ever been shown to me since.

This is not the first time I have had an incident that I "played down" at the time, only to find out it was something I should have been concerned out. I'm reporting this simply to place the event in the 1992 chronology, for-the-record.  The incident was way too bizarre to classify as anything mundane in my estimation. I can close my eyes and still see this thing. This thing I told others had to have seen, that was so easily placed out of my mind once I had filled out the preliminary report and filed it away.