Form: UFO Report
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 07:49:02 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Marshfield, MO, CE-II Case, Aug. 15, 1992
Cat: CE-II

Date: August 15, 1992.
Time: Approximately 5:30 a.m.
Investigators: Duane Bedell, Susan
Bedell, Lisa Dusenberry, and Tom Strand

Investigation Summary by Duane Bedell

This  investigation was conducted on August 22, 1992, at the home of witness #1, followed by an inspection of the site where the overflight occurred. Both of  the   witnesses   are   considered credible, reliable and articulate.

The witnesses related that on August 15, 1992, at 5:30 a.m., they were driving to work (Marshfield, MO). They turned east onto Webster county road EE from farm road 615 (along which both witnesses live) and observed a bright white light in the distance at just above treetop level. The light appeared to be stationary over an open field on a hillside approximately three to four miles away. The witnesses remarked that it looked too big to be a star and that the light held their attention from the time they first saw it.

Shortly after the witnesses turned onto EE, they also observed what they at first took to be car headlights approaching them from the east. As the lights came closer, they were seen as two sets of two lights, one set atop the other, and were extremely bright. The witnesses noted that these lights were approaching at a speed considerably faster than was prudent for a car to be traveling along EE. The lights passed the witnesses without sound. Neither of the witnesses saw a vehicle and neither saw vehicle tail lights, although both looked for them. Both witnesses considered this event odd.

The onlookers continued to watch the light ahead and soon noted that it appeared to be keeping pace with them at a uniform distance, despite several turns along the route. They turned onto Webster county road west from EE. About 100 feet after the turn, the witnesses saw to their left (east), a bank of five white lights in a boomerang-triangular shape.

The five white lights appeared to be preceded by a single white light, and followed by a red light on the formation's right, and a blue light on the formation's left. Eyewitness #2, who was driving, "slammed on the brakes" and put ' the car in park. Witness #1, the passenger, rolled down her window dow and slid out to sit on the car door with her feet inside the car.

They both could discern a craft outline as the lights moved very slow, almost a drifting fashion, from about fifty feet away directly over the car. As the lights passed over, five vertical beams of light shot down, illuminating the vehicle and its interior with brilliant white light.

The car was illuminated for perhaps one to two minutes as the "craft" moved over them. Then, the vertical lights "switched off." The original bank of lights continued to move slowly out across a small field to the right (west), and disappeared over a small area of ground fog. The witnesses drove on, after the lights disappeared, to a hill a short distance away to try to find the lights, but were unsuccessful. The lights "had just disappeared."

During the sighting witness #1 noted that the area was absolutely quite ~ completely without the usual early morning sounds of wildlife, insects, domestic pets, livestock, etc., that are usually present in the rural setting. (When investigators visited the site, dogs at three nearby houses barked loudly and horses in a corral over which the "craft" passed neighed in an equally noisome fashion.) The witnesses also noted that their windshield, after the passage of the lights, was completely dry. Whereas before, Witness #1 had to use the windshield wipers to remove condensation. Additionally, the vehicle sputtered as they tried to leave and "acted like it was out of gas." The duration of the entire sighting was about 15 minutes, with the close observation lasting perhaps 10 minutes.

Neither of the observers reported any physical effects, nor was the car damaged. And, there was no indication of missing time. The witnesses reported that they were not frightened by the experience itself, but did endure a moment of panic afterwards, when they met a car on the road and observed its headlights coming up over the top of a hill.

As a final note, witness #1 made a report to the Webster County Sheriff's Department about the incident.

(Source: UFO ENCOUNTERS, Vol. 1, No.5)