Form: UFO Report
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 08:53:06 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Westerville, OH Case, Oct. 13, 1992
Cat: CE-I

by I. Scott & Bill Mumma

This report was investigated (12/4/94) by Bill Jones and I, who both traveled with witness 2 who reenacted her sighting at its location. The witnesses were interviewed separately.

This sighting occurred in the area around Routes 1-270 and 1-71, southwest of Westerville, OH. It happened on 13/10/92 at around 8-8:30 PM. The call was logged at the National UFO Reporting Center at 5:15 PM. The witnesses, two mothers and their two sons. were driving home after seeing a movie. Near one of their homes, the four looked up from in their car to see an object, which appeared to be in the west just over the trees at the edge of the apartment complex where our witnesses lived. (We investigated this sighting at nearly the time in which it took place. At that time of the evening, just after dark, the outside area of the complex was almost deserted.) At first, the witnesses thought they might be watching a plane crash.

Witness 1, interviewed separately from Witness 2, said that, when first seen, the object was hovering and looked like an orangish-yellow circular glow. It had lights around it. Suddenly it traveled at a high speed to the north and then stopped over another part of the apartment complex. They noted that the object appeared triangular at this point.

Witness 2 described the shape of the object when first seen as dark and oblong, surrounded by white light. There were 3-5 white lights associated with it. It appeared to be about 8" at arms length. They stopped the car when the object was first seen and all four of them observed it. The object appeared to be around 2-300 ft. away. They then continued driving toward the apartment and parked in the space near the building.

At this point, all of them wished to get out of the car to further observe the object. However none of them were able to open the car doors. They were also unable to roll down the car windows. After a few moments they had no trouble opening the windows or doors. As they exited the car the object appeared to split into several smaller objects. While the object was still in view, the driver, witness 1, rushed to her apartment and immediately called Port Columbus Airport which is nearby. The control tower informed her that no aircraft were in that area at that time. The airport notified the National UFO Reporting Center in the state of Washington. This witness then called the Columbus police and Don Scott Airport, also located in northern Columbus. She made all of these reports while the object was still in sight. The police said that there was no helicopter in the area. Don Scott Airport reported seeing nothing. It appears, therefore, that what they were viewing may not have been a standard aircraft, because one or more of these agencies should have been aware of an aircraft in that area. (Witness 2 lives near the guide slopes of both Port Columbus and Don Scott and is familiar with low flying aircraft.)

Witness 2 also reported that they were unable to open the car door or open the car windows. She said that the object had an oblong hot-dog shape with 3 bluishgreen flashers. She saw 5 white lights in a row. It then shot up into the sky and came back. She reported that the two boys ran through the apartment from the back door and out the front to the apartment of a neighbor who lived across the street to the north. By this time the object had changed into balls of light. The witness said that as she stood outside near the apartment, one such ball of light made a close swoop (~ 20 ft. at the nearest) by her. The boys contacted a neighbor, and he might have also seen some of the balls of light (We did not contact the neighbor because we investigated somewhat carefully—witness 1, who reported the event, had changed her mind.)

At various points in the sighting, the balls of light later lined up in a row. At one point, the witnesses saw three of the balls of light come together. During what was most likely this period of time. Witness 1 said that the object gave a flash of light, shot off, and was gone. The other lights then appeared to come in together. Some resembled search lights. (Witness 2 had described these lights. At one point they lined up in a row. She said that unlike regular search lights that originate on the ground and go up, these lights appeared to come from above.)

Their boys appeared to have lasting reactions to the experience. Both were scared and have, to some degree, remained so. One had strange dreams and insomnia. He wanted his mother around all the time. One of the boys was so affected that some time later he went to a school counselor. This counselor was negative about the existence of UFOs. One of the boys had been teased by friends that he told about the experience. Witness 1 reported that her dog behaved in a strange manner. Both witnesses thought the sighting had lasted around 45 minutes. Neither wanted us to talk to their sons. Both felt that the boys were sensitive about the experience and about UFOs in general.

Both witnesses have had other sightings. Witness 1 had experienced several possible "supernatural" events. Witness 2 had seen a small ball of light follow a car that she and a friend drove while they traveled from around the Graceland Shopping Center, which is also in northern Columbus, to north of Worthington, OH. This occurred several years before the sighting being reported here.

(Source: MORA 7/93)