Form: UFO Report
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:48:47 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject:  Stockton Lake, MO Case; Nov. 12, 1992
Cat: CE-I

Source: AUN-010,8)


Clear skies and a bright moon just two days past full combined to give a young Missouri couple a brief glimpse of a spherical object as it maneuvered only a few feet above the waters of Stockton Lake on the evening of November 12, 1992. The two teenagers requested that their names not be used for personal reasons; as the boy explained, "We don't want our parents asking a bunch of questions about what we were doing out there, parking in the middle of nowhere. We weren't doing anything wrong, just sitting there in the car talking, but it wasn't where we were supposed to be."

The couple was parked in a rather secluded spot on the east side of the lake, not far south of the dam, in an area known as Crabtree Cove. The car was running so they could use the heater, but there were no lights on anywhere nearby. The sighting occurred at about fifteen minutes past eight. They were parked facing west, overlooking the lake, with the moon bathing the entire scene in a soft light from behind them. No boat or car traffic had been noticed during the thirty minutes or so the couple had been sitting there, hardly an unusual situation on a night when the temperature had already dipped below forty degrees.

"She noticed it first," the boy said when he called AUN's office the following day. "She said, 'Is that a boat?' I saw what she was talking about right off, but it didn't look like a boat at all. It was coming down the lake from up toward the dam and at first it did look like it was on the water, but by the time it was right out in front of us we could tell it was really about five feet or so up in the air.

"The reason I said it didn't look like a boat is because it was round, like a big ball. We both got out of the car so we could see it better."
Asked what color the sphere had appeared to be, he answered, "Well, it looked like it was white, but I guess just about anything real light-colored would look that way with just the moon shining on it. It wasn't really shiny, but it was slick enough to show up real good in the moonlight. It sort of reminded me of the stuff they make bathtubs out of."

The reference to a porcelain-like surface in connection to a spherical white UFO quickly brought another sighting which occurred just over four months earlier to mind. On July 4th an observer in Oklahoma had seen a very similar object, although it appeared to be considerably larger, during a night of severe weather. (See "Storm Watcher Spots UFO in AUN #5.)

The witness in the Stockton Lake case saw nothing interrupting the object's smooth surface, and also reported hearing no sound coming from it. He added, however/ that he had not shut the car off to listen for lower volume sounds. Due to the sphere's proximity to the lake's surface, it was possible for him to estimate its approximate size with a fair amount of certainty. "It wasn't really all that big" he stated, "just about the same size as a Volkswagen 'bug'." The UFO moved at a steady pace which he said to be "no more than maybe ten or fifteen miles an hour at the very most." After being in sight for between thirty seconds and a minute, the UFO disappeared behind a point which sticks out into the main body of the lake a short distance south of where the witnesses were sitting. At no time during the observation was it seen to deviate from its straight and level path or alter its speed.

The boy estimated that at the closest approach the sphere was no more than one hundred and twenty-five yards away, saying he judged the distance by visualizing a football field between him and the object. Despite this relatively close proximity he did not notice any of the secondary effects which sometimes afflict vehicles during the near approach of a UFO. The car's engine continued to run smoothly the whole time and no static was noticed on the radio, which was tuned to an FM station out of Springfield. The witness was asked why he had not attempted to obtain a better look at the object by turning on the headlights when it was directly in front of the car. He said that the idea had unfortunately never even crossed his mind until it was too late, several minutes after the UFO was out of sight, an oversight which can probably be attributed to the excitement. (It would have been interesting to know what reaction, if any, would have resulted from such an action.)

According to the witness, neither he nor his girlfriend experienced  any real sense of fear during the entire episode. "Curiosity would be a better word," he said. "We sat there for almost another hour after it was gone, just hoping it would come back so we could see it again, but we weren't that lucky. Then it got cloudy and we lost the moonlight. We ahd to head out anyway, if we were going to get home when we were supposed to. But we've already decided that we are going to go back out there whenever we get the chance. I just hope we get to see it again. Next time, you can bet that I'll remember to turn on the headlights and try to get a really good look at it." He chuckled a bit before, going on. "Gee, I sure hope I don't make them mad."

(Source: AUN 10,8)