Form: UFO Report
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 08:00:21 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject:  Delaware County, OH, Domed-Disc, March 4, 1993

Source: MORA, 13

At approximately 12:45 AM. Ms. Kirn D., age 35, had left South Bend, Indiana at 9:00 PM for a trip to Columbus, Ohio. She was driving south bound just across the Marion/Delaware county line on US Route 23 which is a divided four lane highway. She saw lights ahead on the road she thought might be a police car turned sideways on the median. As she got closer she noticed that the lights were on the far edge of the north bound lane and came from an object hovering about fifty feet in the air. She pulled up abeam of the object and stopped her car in the left of the two south bound lanes. It was about sixty feet from her. Excitedly she rolled down her window. The object floated down to about fifteen off the roadside. It made no noise.

The bottom of the object was a charcoal gray and had small clear lights around the circumference. There was what appeared to be a clear dome on top in the shape of a fastback car. There were two large square lights on each side where the dome met the bottom of the object. The object was a little larger than twice the size of her car.

She watched the object hover for awhile and then found the courage to get out of her car to approach it. Before she could do this, the circumference lights went out and the object took off away from her at an extremely high rate of speed. It seemed so fast she thought the object might have disappeared after it started moving.

Kim left the area and two miles further south she was stopped by an Ohio State Highway Patrolman for going 62 mph in a 55 mph zone. The officer gave her a warning and, when asked, stated that he had not seen the object.

MORA has the warning ticket and has also interviewed the patrolman to help confirm Kim's story. The ticket noted that Kirn was stopped at 12:53 AM, helping to further confirm the story.

The weather that night was eight to ten thousand feet overcast and seven miles or better visibility.

Kirn was interviewed on March 5, 1993. On March 9 investigator Frank Reams took Kim to the site so that the area could be specifically identified and surveyed for possible ground traces. None were found.

Contact was made with the Marion County Sheriffs office to see if any UFO reports had been made to them recently. None had.

Investigators: Franklin B. Reams. Barbara Spellerberg and Rick Reynolds.