Form: UFO Report Synopsis
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 06:30:33 -0500

From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Columbus, OH, Close Encounter, Sept. 14, 1994
Cat:  2, CE
Distribution: CE,SHG

Source: MORA #11, Primary investigators: William E. Jones & Dr. Irena Claire Scott:

In 1994 a 38 year old private security officer who we shall name Pat was assigned to provide security for a new housing development known as "Cypress Creek". Cypress Creek, now almost completely built, is located on Columbus' west side, north of Hall Road and west of I-270. On this particular evening, Pat was working alone as she usually did. She was driving her four door 1984 Olds 88. It was late in the evening, between 10:30 and 11:15 pm. She is sure of the time because she remembers arriving at work at 9:00 pm. She checked the doors and windows of the homes which were under construction, closing all that she could. She did this because if she later saw one of these doors open, she would know that thieves and trespassers were working the area, as they did more often than she liked. This part of her routine usually took somewhat more than an hour. After completing her rounds she drove to the end of a cul-de-sac to complete her nights early paper work and to just watch for intruders. She backed her car up to the end of the cul-de-sac; she was facing to the west.

She had been at this location for a few minutes when a bright beam of light struck the rear fender of her car on the driver's side. She saw this strike in her rear view mirror. "It was a strange bright white light. I've never seen anything like it," says Pat. "I could see through it. It was a white clear - translucent, is the best word for it. I could still see the street light [through it], which was brand new. [The light from the street light] was pale in comparison to this light." After less than a second, or so it seemed, the light blinked out and then came back on and struck the roof of the car slightly behind her. The window on her side was down. Sensing the light was coming from above she stuck her head out and looked up. What she saw amazed her. The light went out and then once again came back on, striking the hood of her car. Again the light went out and came back on for the fourth and last time, striking the dirt road in front of her. It blinked out for the last time. The lighting sequence seemed to only last for a couple of seconds, maybe a bit longer.

The light hit the car at a very fine point as if focused, coming down in a reverse funnel from a disc shaped vehicle above her. The disc, shown in the drawing included with this report
had multiple blinking red, blue and green colored lights surrounding a void area in its middle. Occasionally lights would come on that were violet and bright yellow. On one edge were two bright globe like areas which was the source of the reverse funnel, or as she sometimes described it, a curtain of light. The outside portion of this funnel was brighter than the curtain, but the curtain inside the outer portion was equally bright all the way up to the bottom of the disc. This was not a situation where two beams of light were independently focused on her car at the same point. Pat sensed that she could see the light curtain move down toward her as it was turned on the two times she observed this aspect of the lighting sequence. It wasn't instantaneous as light appears to be when it is turned on. When the light was turned off, it was off, although she could still see the two globes dimly lit on the disc.

As Pat started to get out of the car the disc turned on edge and very quickly shot up and away to the west south west. When it tipped upward at about a 45 degree angle, she noticed a round cupola like area on top. The disc was metallic colored, like brushed stainless steel. While the night sky was clear, she noticed that a large part of the sky around the disc was a bit "mucky" or foggy. This fog quickly dissipated after the disc left. To her, the sighting lasted "twelve to fifteen seconds."

As the experience quickly proceeded, Pat says, "I just got the feeling, it kept growing on me, that this was not the place for me to be. I needed, like, to leave this place right then." Pat immediately drove over to another part of the development where two other security guards Were parked. They were about 150 yards from her location, but she had to drive around a couple of blocks to get to them. These two guards did not want to talk much about what they saw, at first. But that night and over the next two weeks, they did confirm that they both saw the same disc that Pat did, describing it to her in a way that confirmed this to her. They weren't sure what the lighting effect was all about, thinking at first that perhaps the light came from Pat's auxiliary security light. Pat says she never used her light. Some weeks later Pat learned that a Columbus Police Officer also saw the disc from about 1 and 1/2 miles away. This officer described the disc to Pat, confirming that they both saw the same thing. Pat will not divulge the names of these other witnesses, stating that all three have confirmed td her that they do not wish to talk to third parties about this sighting. Pat is willing to talk because, as she says, "I am a curious type. I have always been different."

Pat heard no sound from the disc. Bolton Field, a Columbus municipal airport, is nearby and Pat has seen aircraft and helicopters pass over the area on many occasions. She can always hear the sound from these craft! this craft was "silent."

She noted during our interview with her that dogs in the area were more skittish and noisy than usual for the rest of the time she was on duty that night.

Under careful questioning, we have concluded that there was no "missing time' involved in this experience.