Form: UFO Report Synopsis
From: "Francis Ridge" <nicap@INSIGHTBB.COM>
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2008 8:07:01 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Owensville, OH; Nov 10, 1994, Video
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Fran Ridge:
Here is the NICAP file as per Dec. 22, 2008. This is all I had at the time I made the pdf file. Looks like there is much more to add as we re-research this one. Great video, as you'll all see.


Nov. 10, 1994; Owensville, OH
2:00 AM. Multiple witnesses reported a silent triangular configuration of lights that were captured on a home video camera. A dangerous rollover maneuver, putting the "aircraft" upside down at the conclusion of the roll, would seem to preclude this object being a stealth flight over populated areas. (Kenny Young)

George Clappison:
I just joined the list a couple days ago. Interesting that you've posted a report from Kenny Young. Kenny and I were friends, fellow  investigators and both members of ASK, and later, TASK. I accompanied Kenny on many investigations, and was along with Ken when he went to talk to this witness, on more then one occation. Yes, there is more to this case, and many separate video tapes of this, or similar objects. In one video, I think it was the one that the UFO still shots were taken from, shows a Clermont County Sherif patrol car stopped in the road in front of the witness' home as the witness is filming, and watched the UFO too. Kenny and I tried to find out who the cop was, but the department was not cooperative, denying that their officer had witnessed anything out of the ordinary. I remember the letter to John Glenn, I don't think we ever received an answer back from him. What is your interest in this case?

Fran Ridge:
My interest is two-fold. First of all, it is a 1994 case and I'm working on the 1994 UFO Chronology with my A-Team, and that is due out on Jan. 15th. Secondly, my database study region covered six states: MO, IL, IN, OH, KY, & TN, so this was the region I used to try to correlate UFO detections with the MADAR Project and also to do a book called "Regional Encounters: The FC Files."

Jean Waskiewicz:
<>I copied ALL of Kenny Young's website right after he died. I do have stuff on this case and I also bought a video that Kenny sold that I think this case is on. I will have to dig the tape out but I will go through the docs I have and see what I can add to the listing.

Chaz Stuart:
<>The "Owensville UFO sightings," etc. are a very complex and convoluted subject that involves more than just the early morning sightings of November 10. Kenny uncovered the first reports and revealed them to George C. and me at a UFO meeting at the house of the late Pat Packard, UFO researcher. As one of the primary investigators, I can answer most questions involving this case. A full report, however, would take more time than I can afford to give it at present. Below is a link to Kenny's videos. The "1994 Clermont Co. Recording" vid deals with Owensville, but only superficially. There is also a bit about it on the "1995 Madisonville" vid featuring at one point, younger versions of George and me.