Form: Report
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 08:03:45 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Washington Park, Illinois, March 15, 1995
Cat: 1, Distant NL
Distribution: CE,SHG

10:30 PM

The witness in this report is a private businessman, who owns a nursery and greenhouse. He was personally interviewed at the sighting location by Actaeon Group investigators Dave Kokotovich, David Marler, and Debra Kokotovich.

The witness was in his greenhouse at approximately 10:30 pm when he noticed a green glow sweep over the transparent roof of the greenhouse. The greenhouse is an oblong structure with the door facing due south. After observing the green glow move across the roof in a north to south direction he exited the building to find the source of the light.

Stepping outside, he had expected to see the light source in the southern sky.  While he was looking in that direction something caught his attention in the northwest sky.  He turned and observed an object which he described as "looking just like a flying saucer from the movies." The disc shaped object was well defined within a reddish/orange glow. The object appeared to hover silently for a few seconds, before accelerating and making several sharp angular turns. The witness described the trajectory as, "making a triangle in the air." The object descended from the northwest to the south at about a 45-degree angle, it then abruptly switched direction flying parallel to the ground heading north. At this point, the object a 45-degree angle and disappeared in the southwest sky.  The witness was unable to estimate the approximate size of the object, but did describe it as "large." The witness went on record as stating "this was no meteor."