Form: Report
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 16:16:11 -0400
From: Don Ledger <>
Subject: March 18, 1995, Stoneybeach, Nova Scotia
Cat: 2, CE

Family of three is frightened by large approx. 300 foot long, low-flying, black UFO displaying two brilliant lights in a semi-remote area of Nova Scotia.

March 18, 1995
9:02 pm AST
Stoneybeach, Seabright, Nova Scotia
44.36 North 63.55 West
Ref. "Maritime UFO Files" by Don Ledger
*(Aditional information added 2009)

Seabright and the Stillwater [the sighting location] is located some 25 kilometers [15 miles] from the capital City of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The house was newly built on the edge of a Stillwater, nestled and isolated in an area thick with maple and spruce trees. It is situated at the bottom of a steeply graded hill about 800 meters from, its nearest neighbor. Gary and Sue the owners of the house had built it in such a manner as to best take advantage of the view afforded by the simple beauty of the 100 meter long Stillwater and marsh surrounding it.

Gary had designed the building with the long axis pointing toward the water and two levels high. The end facing the stillwater is constructed so that floor to ceiling un-curtained, windows wrap around that end of the house affording an unobstructed view of the waters and the forested hills to the northwest. The level above is nearly a mirror image of the floor below and is occupied by Gary’s parents. Each has a central doorway to a patio which faces the Stillwater.

The weather that night in April was cool and clear. The moon had not risen and the sky was a blanket of stars. To the north there is nothing of consequence, except the forest, for nearly 90 kilometers. No backscatter of light to marr the velvety blackness of the night sky.

Inside the house and in the kitchen, one of two rooms at the north end of the house, Sue had her five year old son seated on a high stool. She had just finished washing his hair and was in the process of blowing it dry. It was a couple of minutes after nine o’clock in the evening. Her husband Gary was elsewhere in the house.

Sue had her back to the windows facing to the northwest while she worked on her son’s hair. Suddenly, she became aware of an illumination coming from behind her, brightening up an already well lit kitchen. She turned and looked through the windows and out over the stillwater. There hanging motionless in the sky over the low tree covered hills some distance behind the stillwater was a brilliant white light like a car light suspended in the air.
Sue watched it for a moment then called to her husband to come and look. Gary came from their bedroom in the back of their house and she pointed out the light asking him what it might be. Gary was not certain what it was. He went through the door and onto the patio to get a better look. He watched it for a moment looking for signs of movement or any trace of sound. There was neither.

Sue followed him outside and noticed that the light was being reflected in the mirror smooth surface of the stillwater. To Gary the light seemed to be shaped more like a flat oval than round like a car headlight. There was something about the light that grabbed him. He ran back into the house to get his binoculars while Sue continued to watch.

Gary came back in a matter of seconds with his binoculars and focused on the light. Now he could see that rather than only one light there were two brilliant, halogen-bright lights separated by a short space, but there was more. Though he could see nothing behind the lights he was surprised to see what looked like a halo of sparks buzzing around the main lights. He passed the glasses to Sue who commented that the sparks reminded her of those tiny sparks that are emitted by a sparkler that one would light up and wave about.

About this time, Gary’s mother’s voice came down from above. She was standing on her elevated patio and she too was watching the object. She asked her son what it might be. Not wanting to alarm her he said it was probably an airliner, but in his own mind he had ruled out that possibility moments earlier.

The three watched the stationary light for nearly ten minutes, even taking a picture of it with a cheap point and shoot camera with a fixed lens. At this point, Sue was getting the feeling that whatever it was, it was watching them and she was becoming uneasy. Gary on the other hand decided to try something. He called up to his mother and told her to switch off the lights in her kitchen and living room and told Kim to do the same on their level.
<>The house lights went out behind Gary. The result was electric. The brilliant object came straight for the house. Sue screamed , grabbed her son’s hand and ran for the back of the house.

Gary remained, transfixed by the light which grew evermore brilliant as it sped toward him. He hadn’t much time to react. He was amazed by the speed at which the UFO had covered the distance from over the hills to his location then seemed to slow down as it passed directly over the top of his house. He tried to see past the glare of those brilliant lights but to no avail until the front of the object passed over the upper patio.

With the brilliant light blocked out Gary could now see a mass behind it. It was huge. A black massive thing about 250 to 300 feet [ 76 to 93 meters] long trailed behind the light, blocking out the stars, he guessed, no more than 100 feet [30 meters] above him . Although he could make out the mass, his eyes still had not adjusted enough to determine the exact shape of it, only that it was long and fairly wide. All of this took place in a matter of seconds, and then it was gone.

<>Gary ran to the back of his house and looked through one of the back windows and caught a glimpse of a tiny light disappearing over the tree tops. Further up the hill behind Gary’s home his brother in law was awakened when a brilliant light filled his bedroom then went out. For Gary and Sue, as suddenly as it had begun, it had ended.

Though I had not been made aware of this sighting until nearly two months had passed, calls to Halifax Tower and Shearwater Tower turned up no evidence of traffic in that area at that time of the night. A check with the Meteorlogical section of the Federal Department of the Environment determined that conditions were not favourable for a temperature inversion and that on the night in question there were clear skys in that region and the temperatures were cool. Again there was no moon on that night. The reader must be noting how often that seems to be the case. Clear skies, cool temperatures and no moon equals possibility of a UFO sighting.

*Using my own airplane - a Cessna 172 - I over flew that area a week later-when the weather allowed-looking for any visual clues that might be on the ground in the scrub-like forest in that area. I was also looking for anything in that direction-the northwest-that could be some light source. The area is populated with small lakes and barrens broken up by low spruce growth and is unbroken wilderness from the back of the house to an intersection at Tantallon 12 miles away. In 1995 Tantallon was not populated to the degree it is now and was nothing more than an exit from Highway 103.

The sight lines from the house to the object draws a straight line northwest across unpopulated terrain save a few cottages many miles diatant on lakes; and highways running at 90 degrees to the sightline. There is nothing in the way off a small community for more than 90 kilometers [55 miles] with the terrain in that direction rising to 775 feet.The home is 21 miles from Canadian Forces Base, Shearwater  which housed a half dozen Lockheed T-33 jets and 10 Sea King Helicopters none of which were flying that night. The base and its tower was closed down by 6:00pm. In any event the terrain rises to 440 feet above sealevel between the base and the sighting location.

The witnesses' reactions to this sighting seem to be more on primitive level [fight ot flight for the mother] and transfixation and emotional for the father. The father runs a firecontrol business specializing in sprinkler systems while the mother is the writer of children's books.

Since this case was investigated 14 years ago there have been numerous reports of massive triangular UFOs reported in Atlantic Canada and Nova Scotia.