Form: Case Directory

Subject: Re: Dec. 11, 1996; Yukon Territory
Cat: 2, Close Encounter

              Updated: March 15, 2009
Fran Ridge:
Fantastic encounter with almost no fanfare within the U.S. media, probably due to lull in interest in the 1990's. Here is a depiction of what was reported.

Mike Swords:
Not knowing Martin Jasek I can't "stand up in court" on this one, but everything that I've heard says that this is not only a "good" but possibly one of the best cases ever. Reasons for this include the investigative context: one great advantage in living in a sparse population area is that you can create a personal system for "getting in touch" with about anyone who could possibly be involved with a UFO incident. Jasek has apparently been able to do this. This, and the good fortune of a small flurry of UFO appearances, allowed Jasek to make a number of [to me] very competent sounding investigations during the 1990s [prior to the "big one"]. The Yukon Giant, as I call it, then showed up and he was able to round up a whole plethora of essentially simultaneous witnesses, make a good "map", and get key persons to make best estimates for things like subtended angles and directions, to the point where respectable estimates of altitude and size were calculable. The object, though at least rivaling the huge JAL thing in volume, then moved out of the area without any evidence of dislocation of air---something impossible for physical Earth-technology. Perhaps the monster wasn't "massy", but, assuming Jasek is a good investigator [and I currently do], this case is an astounding high strangeness and outstanding multi-witnessed [independent as well] encounter. There is a terrific booklet on this published by UFO*BC titled "Giant UFO in the Yukon Territory". My file's about a half inch on this, but I'm really in trust of Martin Jasek. I look forward to any of the gang clearing my misconceptions up on this case, because right now it might be one I'd "take into war" with me.

Jean Waskiewicz:
As far as I remember this, it was a good case and investigated by Martin Jasek. (See MUJ report link below, and the 5-part series from YouTube).

Don Ledger:
The report is by Martin Jasek, M.Sc.,P.Eng., an excellent investigator in British Columbia. Martin lived in the Yukon at the time. There is a 42 page report on the case....There is also a documentary which may be on Youtube. (See below)