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A Hynek Classification of Distant Encounter is usually an incident involving an object more than 500 feet from the witness. At night it is classified as a "nocturnal light" (NL) and during the day as a "daylight disc" (DD). The size of the object or the viewing conditions may render the object in greater detail but yet not qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter which is an object within 500'. 

Silent Object Makes SuddenTurn
July 26, 1948
Atlanta and Chamblee, Georgia

Brad Sparks:
July 26, 1948; Atlanta and nearby Chamblee, Georgia (BBU)
9 p.m. local. An Atlanta Naval Air Base tower observer saw a blue-white object in horizontal level flight at high altitude travel from NE to SE in a few seconds then gain altitude and suddenly turn to the S, completely noiseless. Right before that, at 8:45-9 p.m. 5-15 (?) students outdoors at Georgia Tech at Chamblee observed green light with a silver tail about the size of a football [at arm's length??] in steady flight to the SE slowly descending as if for a landing, completely silent. Independent witnesses include City Editor of Atlanta Chronicle newspaper and 9 others. (FOIA) few secs?

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