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A Hynek Classification of Distant Encounter is usually an incident involving an object more than 500 feet from the witness. At night it is classified as a "nocturnal light" (NL) and during the day as a "daylight disc" (DD). The size of the object or the viewing conditions may render the object in greater detail but yet not qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter which is an object within 500'. 

Object Splits In Two, Then Three
May 7, 1965
Oxford, Michigan

Brad Sparks:
May 7, 1965; Oxford, Mich. (BBU 9389)
7:30 p.m. M. E. Marshall saw a light, like a satellite, split into 2 parts, one of which was copperish color, then 2 more joined up. One object may have been tumbling. (Berliner)

May 7, 1965; Oxford Michigan (BBU 9389)
7:30 p.m. EST. Mr. Marlin Marshall, his 12 year old son and his 9 year old daughter, observed a shiny object directly overhead. The object appeared to be at a great height. Then the bright object appeared to split and became 2 objects. Shortly afterward the shiny object gave off three other shiny but smaller objects. Another object was seen which appeared to be much higher making 6 objects in all. All the objects eventually faded from view. The objects were viewed through 6 X 30 binoculars.

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reports/650507oxford_report.htm (Dan Wilson)

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