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A Hynek Classification of Close Encounter is usually an incident involving an object less than 500 feet from the witness.  The size of the object,  viewing conditions, or stereoscopic vision (depth perception)  may render the object in greater detail and still qualify the sighting as a Close Encounter even though the object may have been beyond 500'.  The incident depicted in the logo was encountered during an intense storm near Princeton, IN,  Aug. 1973.

Triangular UFO Observed By Experienced Military Men
November 19, 2013
Near Valdosta, Georgia

Fran Ridge:
November 19, 2013, near Valdosta, Georgia
6:20 p.m. Two witnesses, each with over 30+ years experience as Army and Air Force aircraft maintenance technicians, reported that they both observed a huge triangular flying object that flew about 500 feet above them moving from north to south. The surface of the object was not clear, and had a rippling effect like a heat mirage down the road on a hot summer's day. There were no anti-collision lights that should be on all aircraft. They both said that the object had a wing span larger than a C-5A cargo plane and flew slowly at 10 15 knots (12-17 mph) allowing an examination of the underside of the object. The object flew silently with absolutely no noise. As it slowly passed by, the rear of the object displayed a row of white pulsing lights. These lights did not light up the exterior of the object but were set back or surrounded by a shroud. As it got further out a very small drone-like object was noticed flying alongside on the left. When the object got further out it banked to the southeast allowing them to see clearly the triangular shape of the object. The next two drawings (see report) were made by one of the witnesses and display the object from two different angles as well as the drone with the red/white rotating lights. (MUFON 52339)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/20131119georgia_adel.pdf (Robert Powell) (MUFON Science Review Board)

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