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 "Boxy" Object "Big As A House"
July 8, 2014
Joplin, Missouri

Fran Ridge:
July 8, 2014; Joplin, MO
9:30 PM. Retired commercial pilot and two others observe large craft which came from NE, flew straight overhead (300') and proceeded SW, then decended rapidly. Vehicle interference, dogs reacted.

About 9:30p.m, my wife and I were on our way home, about a block before our house, a man flagged us down frantically waving his arms and pointing to an object in the sky. He was walking his dog who was barking wildly at the object and jumping high into the air. It had approached from the NE. As we watched it cross directly overhead it looked to be about 300 feet off the ground. It was off white in color appearing to be illuminated by a yellowish light coming from within it. It was as big or bigger than a house and was completely silent. It was boxy shaped with multiple angles kind of like on a stealth airplane, It looked like it had darkened square windows in parts of it. It was flat on the bottom with round orange and red randomly flashing lights all around the bottom edge. The lights were round with a dark center (like donuts) they were the size of stop signs. As it continued moving away it was heading SW. and then slightly turning South it seemed to be going approximately 100+ pph. It suddenly turned off its lights, all of them went off like they were quickly dimmed and not just cut off. Two lights on the back, one orange and one red stayed on slightly longer than the others (about 0.5 seconds) These lights seemed to have a burnt look to the dark centers as if maybe exhaust or flames had at one time come out of there. It then started to descend sharply as if it were going to land (or crash) somewhere nearby. It stayed perfectly level as it descended behind the trees on the horizon, it seemed to form a light mist or fog around it as it descended. I noticed that along it's flight path every dog was going crazy, barking and howling. Me, my wife, and the guy that flagged us down, got into my Jeep and drove in the direction we thought it may have gone. We were using a spotlight that plugs into the cigarette lighter to search the fields next to the roads. After driving about a mile, the spotlight suddenly went very dim and the seat belt warning beeper started sounding repeatedly and quickly, also the Jeep's automatic transmission would not change gears, When I tried to go into reverse it would not go into gear without a struggle. All of this continued for about 5 minutes and then suddenly everything went back to normal (It is a newer model Jeep Wrangler and has never done anything like this before). At this point I wondered what we would really do if we found anything. I began to feel a little fearful. We continued searching nearby roads and fields but didn't find anything unusual. On our way back home, as we passed the same location as before, our spotlight again dimmed and the beeping alarms in the Jeep began again. We looked around the immediate area but didn't see anything. Again this lasted for about 5 minutes. Shortly after, we turned around and passed this spot a third time, but this time nothing happened. We finally gave up our search and went home, by then the spotlight was working at full power the Jeep was working properly and nothing else occurred. The man that flagged us down turned out to be a neighbor who lives about a block away. He is a retired commercial airline pilot from England. He said he had never seen anything like this before.

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