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Disables Engine Continues To Run
Nov. 6, 1967
River Avon, Hampshire, England

James McCampbell:
Nov. 6, 1967; England
Early morning hours. While driving a diesal truck, the witness saw a strange, egg-shaped ob|ect above some trees about 1/4 mile away. The lights and radio went out but the engine continued to run as the object landed on the road only 15 yards away. A flexible tube came from the bottom of the UFO with-a box on the end. Connected to the box were four short hoses that sucked up grass, gravel, and leaves from both shoulders of the road. Then a Jaguar that drove up to the landed UFO on the opposite side lost both its headlights and engine.  So again under comparable circumstances, a diesel engine continued to run while a presumably, spark-ignited engine failed.

Jenny Randles:
Nov. 6, 1967; River Avon, Hampshire, England
1:30 a.m. GMT. A man driving a diesel truck noticed his headlights dimmed and then failed (EM effects). He stopped, his engine still running, and saw a large purplish-red oval object (estimated 80 feet long) moving across the road ahead at telegraph pole height, emitting a humming sound. The object hovered, and after a few seconds started to move and sped away. The witness noticed a pungent burning odor. Another car going in the opposite direction was also stopped and experienced both engine and headlight failure. (Randles and Warrington, 1985, pp. 105-07.)

Detailed reports and documents
reports/671106england_report.htm (James McCampbell)
articles/UFOs: More Engine Effects [Diesals Too].pdf (James McCampbell, 1985)

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