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Two Remarkable Encounters: Humanoids & E-M Effects
March 21, 1974
Valdehijaderos, Salamanca, Spain

Fran Ridge:
March 21, 1974; Valdehijaderos, Salamanca, Spain
2:15 a.m. 21-year-old Maximiliano Iglesias Sanchez had two remarkable and complex encounters with several UFOs and their occupants. While driving a diesel truck, he approached to within 200 meters of a 33-40' diameter disc, described as a smooth metallic surface with no seams or rivets, and spanning the breadth of the pavement.  It was standing on three metal legs, 18" high. Indescribable glow. His lights and engine failed.  Another UFO was seen nearby with two, tall human-like creatures. At 11:15 p.m. the same day, he saw three UFOs at the same location with one sitting on the road. Again, the engine failed. He panicked as four "beings" approached him and then hid in a ditch two kilometers away to escape their pursuit. Beings were 6' 4" -6' 8" tall, walked normal, had tight-fiiting brilliant metallic one-pc suits that came over their heads. Occupants beside landed object, doing something on ground, gesticulating. Later, upon driving away and yielding to curiosity, the witness returned to the site on foot and observed four beings working on an embankment with strange tools. (Ballester Olmos, 1976, pp. 44-45; see Section XII [E,L])

Detailed reports and documents
articles/UFOs: More Engine Effects [Diesals Too].pdf (James McCampbell, 1985)

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