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Object Stampedes Cattle
Oct. 30, 1964
Somerset, England

Joan Woodward:
Oct. 30, 1964; Somerset, England
Midnight +. Four businessmen on a night fishing trip reported an object described as a brilliant red light that lit the fields and the banks of a stream.  A herd of about 50 cows made noise and ran when the object approached slowly at low altitude and hovered overhead. The men hid behind a car to keep from being trampled or swept into the river. After a few minutes, the object accelerated and disappeared, and the cows quieted down. The presence or absence of sound from the object is not addressed.  No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

Mike Swords:
Might be good but might not. I find no proper documentation for the case. Lore depends upon The UFO Investigator, and the UFO Investigator depends upon Flying Saucer Review. FSR depends upon a newspaper article from the Yorkshire Post. So this thing, as far as I can see, rests on a newsclipping story and no information about any proper investigation. Maybe such does exist, but I can't find it. Since the FSR repeating of the Yorkshire Post story is as close as I can get to this case, I'm attaching a copy of it. [ FSR Vol. 11, #1, Jan/Feb.1965, p.25].*

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