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Disc With Ports Spooks Dog And Horse
May 20, 1965
Lee Township, Ohio

Fran Ridge:
May 20, 1965; Lee Township, Ohio
7:00 PM. Six members of the McDonald family saw a silvery-white disc with a row of  ports that were about one-foot in diameter.  The disc, estimated to be the size of a car, skimmed over the rooftop of their house. At the time of the object’s passage, neighbors noted unusual TV and radio interference. A dog and a tethered horse, both accustomed to aircraft as they lived under the flight path of two airports, showed fear as the disc, making a low buzzing or purring sound, flew over.  The dog ran.  The horse, with ears back and eyes wild, ran about on the tether. (The U.F.O. Investigator [NICAP], Vol. III, No. 3, June-July 1965, page 5).

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