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Squashed Football Hovers Over Road
July 27, 1965
Carnarvan, Australia

Fran Ridge:
July 27, 1965; Carnarvan, Australia
7:40 p.m. Two witnesses, Dr. Antonin Kukla, formerly a physician, and Mrs. Audrey Lawrence were driving when an object dived toward their headlights. They stopped and turned off their headlights and ran to the side of the road as the object hovered above the highway rocking gently.   Initially an orange color when first seen, it changed to a fluorescent green glow as it hovered. [The 1965 Archives referenced indicate the object was green and then turned orange.]  Its shape was compared to a squashed football.  The object drifted west and eventually disappeared soundlessly. A Bull Terrier was riding in the car, normally first out of the car when it stopped, remained crouched in the back seat with its hackles up and refused to move. No sound, no EM effects, and no physiological effects were reported. There was a local independent report of a camp lit by a green glow as something passed over, but the time of that report is unknown.

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