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San Francisco, California
November 22, 1896

Animal Reaction Feature:
An object bearing a spotlight was seen by numerous witnesses.  It altitude was estimated as 300, 400, or 500 feet.  As the object moved it projected its spotlight onto Seal Rocks, and the seals dove frantically into the water.  [Seal Rocks, until the earthquake of 1989, was know for its Sea Lions (not seals).  Species involved are most likely the California Sea Lion and the larger Stellar Sea Lionójw]

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Many people saw an aerial object in the early evening. One report mentioned periodic flashes of light. The best description was of a misty-looking mass with two lights.  One light below the mass and the second light to the rear. The rear light threw out a long ray of light (searchlight).  The object traversed San Francisco Bay, turned at Alameda, and recrossed the bay.

The object reportedly moved swiftly with a slightly undulating motion.

Earlier the same day, a similar report came from Sacramento, where the sky was reported as dark and cloudy.  An aerial object was reported with a huge searchlight.  When observed through a telescope, the object was seen to rise and fall like a boat on gentle swells, and it moved against the wind.

No sound, EM effects, or physiological effects were reported.

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