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Galt, Ontario, Canada
July 30, 1957

Animal Behavior Feature:

Walking along the edge of a field, a young man and his dog encountered a domed object and saw it land in a gully. The witness was frightened and his dog was described as snarling and barking.  [The reaction of the dog sounds defensively fearful—jw]   The object was reported to make a humming sound like a ball being swung on an elastic band.

Although this encounter lasted 45 minutes, there is, unfortunately, no further description that pinpoints the dog’s behavior or duration of its behavior.  The incident is further complicated by numerous area residents examining the area after the event and finding 18 inch “3-toed prints.”  The witness described no “creature” associated with the object.

Joan Woodward, Animal Behavior Specialist:
At 10:30 AM John C. Stephens (age not given) and his dog encountered an object that circled, stopped, hovered, and landed in a gully that was surrounded by woods and a field. A 100-foot power line tower was nearby (either beside the landed object or beside the gully—jw).  John remained rooted to the spot for 45 minutes, afraid to either approach or leave.  The object emitted flames from the bottom while it was on the ground.  When the object took off, it glowed, rose into the air at about 45 degrees until it was clear of the power line.  It then acquired a bright orange glow and shot away.

The object was a flattened bell shape, between 30-35 feet in diameter, aluminum colored but luminous (throughout or just on take off?—jw)  Burned patches were found on the ground and small trees and limbs were broken. There were 4 burned or charred areas, each about 1 foot 3 inches in diameter.  They formed a 4-sided figure with the following measurements per side: 20 feet x 20 feet x 6.5 feet x 11.5 feet.  Two large 3-toed prints were found later when the area was examined, but the relationship of the prints to the object is unknown.

Sound is described above.  No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., (eds), 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs,
NICAP, Washington, D.C., pages 51-53.

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