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Everglades, Florida Flynn Case
March 15, 1965

Joan Woodward:
Animal Reaction Feature

James Flynn, traveling by swamp buggy, took four dogs into the Everglades over a weekend, a place with which he had a life-long familiarity.  On Sunday night (March 14), his dogs flushed a deer and ran off after it.  Flynn could hear the dogs baying in the distance.  One dog returned to him, and Flynn started his swamp buggy and headed toward the baying dogs (apparently with the returned dog in a dog crate onboard the buggy).  About 1 a.m. he sighted a light he estimated as about 200 feet over cypress tree, and as he proceeded, he watched the light fly off in various directions only to return to his general vicinity.  Then the light went down onto a small knoll among some cypress trees.  Flynn, thinking it a helicopter, drove toward it.  

When about ¼ mile from the light, he stopped and looked through binoculars, and realized it was not a helicopter, but he thought it was perhaps a new vehicle from Cape Canaveral, and might be in distress.  As he began moving toward it, there was a diesel generator sound* that seemed to bother his dog.  When he reached a distance of about 200 yards from the object, the dog was howling and trying to get out of his crate.  Flynn attributed the dog’s behavior as a response to the sound coming from the object, which he described as now loud and high pitched.

At this point Flynn left the buggy and walked to within a few yards of the object, which was hovering about 4 feet above the ground.   A wind was coming from it with a jet-like sound and was so strong it almost knocked him down. An orange-red glow lit the area underneath the object. As he stood waving, a flash of light came at him and that is all he remembered until coming to with severe sight impairment hours later.

[*Unsure about the sound of a diesel generator, I asked a friend with access to a variety of such equipment for feedback.  He fired up a diesel generator and said that at 500 feet away from it, he heard a deep rumble and could feel vibration.  When he moved to 150-200 feet from it, the deep rumble was still there but a high-pitched whistle sound predominated.  He also pointed out a diesel generator is heavy, not a choice for flight.  If man-made, a turbine generator would be more likely—jw.]

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Flynn made prolonged observations of the object and described it as metallic with an inverted-cone shape with a rounded top, about 30 feet high and 60 feet in diameter.  About 8 feet from the top was a row of  “windows,” each about 2 feet square, and below were 3 more rows of “windows,” the lowest row being about 12 feet from the bottom of the object.  Flynn saw no markings but saw 4 by 4 foot plates that seemed to be riveted at their joints.  A dull yellow glow came from the “windows,” and Flynn commented that he could not see in [so possibly there were not windows—jw].   The flash of light described by Flynn immediately before losing consciousness came from right under the bottom row of “windows.” He described that light as a “short beam” and compared it to a welder’s torch light. The strong wind coming from the object came out in a counterclockwise direction, but Flynn did not indicate what part of the object generated the wind.  The object hovered about 4 feet above the ground, moving up and down a few inches.

Regaining consciousness after some hours, Flynn found his missing dogs had returned and he slowly made his way home.  He was hospitalized or 5 days because of damage to his eyes, involving blood in the eye from trauma.  He also had some neurological effects.

No EM effects were reported.  Traces were found on tree tops and trunks.

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