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Leroy Township, Ohio
May 20, 1965

Animal Reaction Feature:
A dog and a tethered horse, both accustomed to aircraft as they lived under the flight path of two airports, showed fear as a disc, making a low buzzing or purring sound, flew over the housetop.  The dog ran.  The horse, with ears back and eyes wild, ran about on the tether.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
At 7 p.m., six members of the McDonald family saw a silvery-white disc with a row of  ports that were about one-foot in diameter.  The disc skimmed over the rooftop of their house.  It was estimated to be the size of a car.  At the time of the objectís passage, neighbors noted unusual TV and radio interference.

Sound and possible EM effects reported.  No physiological effects were reported.

The U.F.O. Investigator (NICAP), Vol. III, No. 3, June-July 1965, page 5.

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