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Malta, Montana
January 9, 1967

Animal Reaction Feature:
At 9 p.m., a farm family was alerted by the barking of their dog.  Investigating, Wilfred Tremblay saw immediately what was alarming the dog.  A large rectangular object, red glow or light along the bottom and an amber light on top, was moving fast and silently from north to east.  Actual distance of the rectangle, its size, and its altitude are not known.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
The large rectangular object was first thought to be a truck as it was moving roughly in the area of a graded road.  Then Tremblay realized there was no sound (trucks and vehicles on the road are audible), the object covered 3-4 miles in less than a minute, and  its travel path did not exactly coincide with the road.

As the family watched, the object disappeared, then reappeared, appearing not nearly as long as when first sighted, but with the diagnostic red glow.  The family assumed they were now looking at the object from the front or rear, and they thought it had landed.  Through binoculars, it took up a good part of the field of view.  They watched for nearly an hour when the red glow suddenly became smaller, as if moving directly away at high speed, and then was suddenly gone.

The next day Tremblay went to the field where he though the object had “parked.”  He found no tracks in the snow or any sign anything had been there.

No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

Billings Gazette, January 20, 1967, Billings, Montana.

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