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Key Largo, Florida
July 21, 1967

Animal Behavior Feature:
Two sisters were driving in the early morning hours near Key Largo when their toy poodle began shaking violently, though it did not make a sound.  A yellow light rose to the west of the highway, moved in front of the car at an altitude of about 15 feet, and then veered to the right and landed on a sand dune to the east of the road.

Joan Woodward, Animal Behavior Specialist:

Barbara Fawcett, 18, drove from Pompano Beach to Islamorada (115 miles—jw) to visit her mother.  On the empty highway, a large round yellow light making a constant high-pitched roaring sound appeared in her rearview mirror, overtook her and seemed about the land on her car.  As a car approached from the opposite direction,  the bright yellow glow from the object covered the road for a second, then the object and glow were gone.

Arriving at Islamorada, Barbara rested and decided the event was probably an illusion.  She and her sister, accompanied by the poodle, decided to return to Pompano in the early morning hours in order to beat traffic.  In the Key Largo area (17 miles from her mother’s—jw), at 2:30 am on an empty road, a yellow light was encountered again as described above under “Animal Behavior Feature”.   The light rose out of a swamp area, this time appearing somewhat jagged, wobbling, floating up and down and from side to side, then moving in front of their car, before moving under power lines and landing on a dune.  Upon landing, the light became smaller and smaller until it became a pinpoint and disappeared.  As they continued driving, a minute later, the light appeared in their rear view mirror. Barbara kept driving, and reached home without further incident.  She contacted authorities, and a scorched area was found where she estimated the object had landed.

The report does not state whether there was any sound associated with the light on the second encounter when the poodle was present.  No EM effects or physiological effects were reported.

 Also the report does not state where between Pompano Beach and Islamorada the first encounter with the yellow light took place.

Lorenzen, Coral and Jim, 1976, Encounters with UFO Occupants, Berkley Publishing, New York, pages 14-15.

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